Why choose a coworking office space?

by Hilda Joubert // 01 March 2021

But first, what is a coworking space?

A coworking space (or shared office) is a shared facility that consists of private offices, open space desks as well as communal facilities like boardrooms and open area informal meeting spaces. It’s usually shared between a different mixture of small companies, where people and businesses can choose to engage with others and provide the perfect productive environment in which to communicate and collaborate.

Coworking offers an affordable, flexible way of working, suitable for freelancers and small businesses as it presents a fully furnished, ready-to-move-in office solution with fantastic value for money.

Coworking Space Stellenbosch

Who is it for?

Freelancers and remote workers: Having the flexibility of choosing your own hours and schedule without the isolation, open space desks are perfect for daily, weekly and monthly members. Besides the difficulties of working alone, working amidst people doing different kinds of work can also make one’s own work identity stronger. It offers the options of meeting potential clients and also supply you with a space to entertain your own.

Startups and SMB’s: The high overhead costs and commitments of a traditional office lease is sometimes a big burden and a dampen to any startup’s dream. Although having the option of working from home works for some teams, a coworking space provides the option for small teams to interact with each-other without the disruptions from home and create a space to connect with like minded people.  This also helps when your team starts to scale and you can easily move to a bigger space.

The benefits of working at a coworking office space.

Cost – Coworking spaces don’t charge you for overheads like electricity and Wifi. If you were operating from your own office, you’d be paying for these business needs – increasing your overall spend.

Convenience – No long-term leases, worries about a faulty printer or a difficult landlord. We manage the amenities and overheads ourselves, so that you don’t have to.

Culture – Coworking spaces are usually filled with entrepreneurs and budding startups – making them the perfect place to network with co-founders and incubators.

Increased Productivity – This is especially true for small business owners working out of a home office. When we’re at home, it can be easy to get distracted.Coworking Space Stellenbosch

Collaboration – Coworking spaces expose you to chance and opportunity. Working in proximity to others allows quick collaboration to occur.

Flexibility – If, for some reason, you need to cancel your membership, there are flexible options to do so. This makes it an ideal business service to try out and see how you like it.

What are the options?

Hot Desks
You’ll get a seat in our open space area on a daily basis between the hours of 8am – 5pm. Choose where you want to sit in our communal space and enjoy our fast internet and always-on electricity. You are also welcome to make use of any of our services (ask for more details) and entertain your guests.

Dedicated Desks
A workstation in our open space area, dedicated to you. You’ll share the common areas with the other members, but the desk and chair are exclusively yours. You can reserve your desk for a week or a month (or longer if you wish).

Private Offices
Our private offices range from single offices to maximum 4 people and only available on a monthly option. It’s the best option for small business, or freelancers/remote workers who need a more dedicated, lockable space to work from. You’ll have 24/7 access and the choice of a dedicated parking spot.


A comfortable and efficient workspace is essential to any business’s success. Avoid the hassles of leasing space and the burdens that come along with it. Be open to a new work model that will provide a path to your booming business along with your best self.

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